Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day 186

I forgot about these vases today until the girls asked if we could pick some flowers from the yard. And these white daisy looking flowers were blooming all over the front and backyard. They seemed the perfect fit for my Ikea vases. I am so thankful for the things growing in my yard.


Dragon said...

I love daisies. My wedding bouquet was daisies, roses, and an orchid. The center pieces at the receptions were daisies. There were daisies on my both my dress and veil, the brides maids' dresses and in their flowers. And the cake topper and decorations were daisies. And that's more than any of you needed to know!

Colorado Kid said...

They look so cool and happy. Daisies are awesome. (I liked reading that, Dragon.)

mjhay said...

They look perfect! Are you sure they are real?