Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day 169

After we went for a walk this morning the girls decided to open their very first Lemondade Stand (well, they actually wanted to sell cold water). It was so cute to see their minds working on how to make signs, what to use for the table, chairs, etc. When the business was slow, Ella took it into her own hands to find people to buy stuff from them. She started going door to door asking people if they wanted to come out and buy something from their stand! I thought it was so funny! Talk about a go-getter! =) I am thankful that Ella doesn't have the shyness that I have.


Afreaka said...

They look SO cute!!! I wish I lived closer. I could definitely use some cold water and brownies right about now.

Dragon said...

Sounds like she takes after her Dad! Way to go girls! I must say that selling water to earn some money is as enterprising as selling painted rocks!

Colorado Kid said...

I love that Ella is eating a brownie. That does sound good, even though it's so hot. Very creative signs!