Friday, June 6, 2008

Day 156

Today was Megan and Dustin's big day! These are all the nieces on her side and I give my dear hubby all the credit for this cute photo. I was busy trying to keep Acadia from crying and from the looks of it she was on the verge of shedding those big crocodile tears! Megan was beautiful and the ceremony was very nice. They make such a cute couple. And I just love to see all of those cute little girls all crowded around the bride! Ashlyn was one of the 2 flower girls and that is why she is in green (she just LOVED it and all the attention she got from it!). I am thankful that I got to witness 2 people in love make a commitment to love each other through thick and thin.


Dragon said...

Cute picture! Where were they married? And what is Dustin's last name?

Clam Chowder Queen said...

They were married in Farmington at a neighbors house and his last name is Badger.

Colorado Kid said...

So cute! I love the green dress.