Friday, May 9, 2008

Day 128

Have I created a monster? This little one wants to always be on the computer...always! All the wakeful hours in a day if I would let her! I guess one good thing is that all the games she plays are educational ones. Well, when I finally got her to turn off the computer and get moving her little body, we headed out side and solved a mystery. In the secret garden we have been finding our little 'treasures' moved or knocked over and we haven't been able to figure out how this was happening, until today. I found some fresh deer tracks in the garden....makes sense now. The deer come and bump into/step on the things in the secret garden and mystery solved. Well, I was able to keep Ella from thinking about the computer while we were outside and Acadia and I joined her in the sandbox for a while. I love a good mystery and I am grateful to have solved a minor one (it was fun telling Ashlyn (who wants to be a detective) about how I 'solved the case').


Colorado_Kid said...

That's fun! I miss my deer, but I'm glad they are gone too. Too much worrying about the babies they had down here.

I hope to see more of your secret garden.

mjhay said...

It's nice to finally figure things out. Zach is the same about the computer games. I need to make out backyard more alluring!

Dragon said...

I love the toesey picture!