Saturday, May 3, 2008

Day 122

It was a nice mostly-cloudy day, perfect for taking pictures.....I didn't know who's picture I should post or which one so here is a candid of the 3 of them. Acadia was such a stinker and wouldn't even look my way unless the camera was down and as soon as I put it up to my eye, she would look away again.....maybe next time I can catch one of her looking at me. I am thankful for digital cameras and for being able to take hundreds of pictures without worrying about wasting film.


Dragon said...

Were they just walking up the hill or looking for something?

Colorado_Kid said...

I keep looking at this. There is something so sweet and endearing about them. I love how Acadia is turned a little bit - it makes me wonder if Ella is telling her some wise thing or what they could be talking about.