Sunday, April 6, 2008

Day 95

I woke up today being very irritable and getting after my kids for every little thing. I couldn't figure out why I was so grumpy....and then it dawned on me and the minute I realized why I broke down. Exactly 6 months ago I was trying to listen to conference, but had a hard time. Either the things being spoken about would make me cry or I just couldn't concentrate on it and then we got that dread phone call from the hospital about my dad saying that it was time for him to go. So, today, the first half of conference I spent trying not to cry and then we went to my sister in-laws house for lunch and to watch the 2nd half with them. It was a nice distraction from what was on my mind, but it was hard to listen to conference with so many people and kids..... and maybe I was trying not to listen because I didn't want to get emotional and think about what happened last conference. But I am looking forward to reading it next month. Oh, but the picture is from something funny that happened that night. After the kids had gone to bed Weston was on the computer and I was rummaging through a drawer when I hear the garage door open. It totally scared me and made me think that someone had been in the house or was trying to get in. Weston goes to investigate and while he is gone I realized that a spare garage door opener was in the drawer that I was looking through and I must have bumped it with my hand. It made us both laugh, but I guess I was just a little spooked especially after mom's house was busted into.


behka said...

I have done the same thing looking through our stuff! Scared me to death! Now I occasionally do it and tell my kids I am magic. Silly.

mjhay said...

I was thinking about last conference too... but as for the garage door I have no idea. One day I will get a new garage door and opener. (Smile!)

Colorado_Kid said...

You were in our thoughts, which can sound shallow, but we prayed for all of you & after the talk on prayer, I hoped so badly that you could feel the prayers of so many surrounding you. I don't know if I've ever felt that feeling but I hope you have.

After reading this, I think, no, I am SURE, that I will get a garage door opener put on our carport. Oh wait, we do have a garage! I always forget. It's full of gardening machines/tools & bikes.