Sunday, March 23, 2008

Day 81

The Easter Bunny managed to find us at our hotel and left us all some goodies this morning. The girls were so excited to see that he found us. And then, as part of our 'hotel' tradition I let the girls jump on the beds.
I can't say that sitting in the car for hours on end is fun, but we did run across some fun/interesting things. For starters we ran across 'Craig' road...I texted him and he wanted me to nab it for him. And then later in the day we ran across some freaky-deaky stuff. We kept seeing signs for 'Alien Jerky' and Weston decided to stop there and grab some jerky. These aliens were in a car and there was a scary alien kid and a baby in the back. Scary man! But atleast it made the ride a little more interesting. Oh and alien jerky is pretty gross and expensive.

And then we finally made it to our destination and it was fun fun fun to see everyone that was there to partay! And we had a great Easter dinner and a fun Easter egg hunt.


Colorado_Kid said...

That is SO FUNNY! I thought it was you guys at first.

Afreaka said...

Those aliens are freaky! So, is alien jerky made out of aliens, or just for aliens to eat?

Chickadee said...

I was wondering the same thing about the jerky. Wild. Great photos. I like seeing funny stuff people do.