Monday, February 11, 2008

Days 39 and 40

I have been busy helping Ashlyn get ready for her oral presentation on horses (that she did today). She had to share 5 facts about the animal she chose and have something to display about it. She chose a diorama...which I have never made before. She did pretty much everything for it. I just gave suggestions and helped with some hard gluing. And then on top of that she is the 'spotlight' for this week. We had to make a poster about her and then the family had to come in and take up 30 stinkin minutes of class time telling the class about her and we had to have an activity to do with the class too! Me and my hubby don't like getting up in front of people and I had to do it alone last year so I had Weston speak about her this time. It went well and Ashlyn was very happy about it. And the activity that she chose was 'heads up seven up' and I thought that was good because I didn't have to prepare anything for the class (last year we did an art project) on top of her animal report due the same day. Plus, our family loves games so I thought a game would be a good thing to do to represent us. It went well and I am glad that this busy day is over.


Colorado_Kid said...

She did a great job! (From the other side, you might not know how much those little presentations mean to kids at school. This is the first year I'm not having parents/guardians do a 15 min thing and I really regret it! I feel so bad for the kids who can't have anyone come though.) I like hearing parent perspectives!

Clam Chowder Queen said...

yeah, I know how much the kids like it and such...I think it was just such a busy day that I felt like a chicken with it's head cut off. I was running around all day trying to get to things on time. And I find it hard to fill 30 mintues talking about someone and not feel like I am boring those who are listening.....I am not a good speaker.

But, Ashlyn said that she liked everything that was said and done and that is what matters.

Colorado_Kid said...

You're silly! I'm sure they loved listening! I kinda meant the other kids love hearing from their friends parents - I've had them repeat stuff many months later - especially when a parent tells something embarrassing or really cool. 30 min is long though - you're a trooper!