Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Day 49

There are a few patches of grass and soil that are starting to show up as the snow melts and today we noticed some crocus emerging from the soil....exciting! Something to brighten my day.

Oh and Ashlyn woke up this morning with the flu in addition to her cold....poor girl.


Dragon said...

Your family has really had it this winter. I'm sorry everyone is sick again! It is so hard for the little ones and Mom.

Maybe you need to wipe down all door knobs, handles on cupboards, appliances, drawers, faucets and any surfaces that people touch (especially toys) with those bleach wipes or a weak bleach spray to destroy germs on all those surfaces that tend to linger and reinfect everyone. We had to do it at the preschool. Some surfaces it had to be done every day, others only once a week to prevent the spread of germs. They could be reinfecting themselves instead of catching it from other places.

You Dad was a firm believer in airing the house out once in a while, especially with people had been sick, to get clean air into the house and the bad air out.

Afreaka said...

I do all that, too. Plus I make my kids wash their hands the instant they come home from school.

Colorado_Kid said...

I love the picture with the pine needles around it. The hope that we can get kids outside again soon is so happy to me!

I agree with the airing out too. That's why I hate my classroom. No window/outside door. I always told my kids we were having a "blow out" to blow the bad germs. When I worked for a hospital child development center, the Docs/Nurses said shoes carry in more germs than anything. They wouldn't come in to get their kids until they changed their shoes and most of them didn't allow shoes in their house - especially with little kids that are on the floor all the time.

I hope they feel better soon.

behka said...

Your pic looks so hopeful. I love how nature works.