Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Day 35

Ella actually wanted to go outside with me today to shovel the driveway. This is what one side of our driveway looks like after all of these snowstorms. On the other side is my mailbox which is slowly getting lost in all the snow. It was fun having her out there with me. She had a little toy sand shovel that she was using to clear snow off the driveway. Weston wants to build a tunnel or cave in the snow pile.....but I have a fear that it will collapse on someone. And when I look at the snow on my flower bed I feel like it won't be melted until July because there is so much on them! Think spring, think spring.


behka said...

That is a huge mound of snow! Fun for the kids and good for you for shoveling. I gave up 2 storms ago.

Colorado_Kid said...

She looks great up there. Your mountain is bigger than mine! I have thought about you on your steep driveway this week. :/ Looks like you had some sun!