Saturday, January 5, 2008

Day 3

I started out the day with the intentions of putting away the Christmas decorations. But then I saw Ella pull out Hungry Hungry Hippos and I knew that I just had to join her. Ashlyn, Ella, and I had a fast paced game with a lot of hootin' and hollerin' and gigglin' while Acadia walked around the table trying to figure out how to get up to where all the action was. Here it is.... after 5 in the evening and the Christmas decorations still sit untouched, but the time spent with my girls was well worth it! I am grateful for kids games like Hungry Hungry Hippos where you can goof around and act just like a kid.


Afreaka said...

Good for you!
We love Hungry Hippos at our house, too!

Dragon said...

Aaaaah! I feel like Acadia!

Colorado_Kid said...

I love the blurred hands! Sounds like a fun day! (We took ours down Friday night and I cried when we took the tree down. It was such a good memory-the day getting it and having a piece of the cabin here.)