Saturday, January 26, 2008

Day 24

I don't know what it is about icicles this year but I am finding them very fascinating. These are hanging above Ashlyn's window and she said that she loves to look at them....but when I saw them I thought 'Scary! those look just like monster teeth!' but of course their is no way that I would tell her that or she would be having bad dreams about them. They are so long and thin and pointy......I like icicles.... am I spelling that correctly? It looks wierd to me.


Colorado_Kid said...

We have something in common! I've been watching ours since the first snow after Thanksgiving and taking pictures (like I have a science project or something). My students started gathering dropped ones by the school and we've had ice experiments for 2 weeks. Yesterday afternoon I noticed that mine melted all the way for the first time since the beg of Dec. Even the one with 3 'bony fingers' on the end. I kinda miss it(rambling...sorry!),

Those DO look like the monster in Rudolph's teeth!

BTW, do you want me to enter you in the BYU outside photo contest? You can print to my Walgreens and I'll drop it off at BYU. I won't even put my name on it! ;} I think it's this coming weekend.

behka said...

We love icicles, too! Today we stopped so we could take a picture of our favorite ones. Icicles are fascinating.