Thursday, January 24, 2008

Day 22

Today was a nice day. I just stayed at home (wanted to stay in my pajamas all day) and I sewed most of the day. I finished one project and need to make 2 more of them for the rest of my girls. Nothing too exciting, but I am proud of it considering that I had no pattern and I haven't sewed for forever it seems like. I will post them all together on crazy crafterz when they are all done. But since I put everything else off until I finished this one, our little one year old whirl-wind kind of tore the house apart. This is just a fraction of what I found in her path today. But our little whirl-winds tend to make me smile and that I am grateful makes the messes not seem so messy.


Dragon said...

It's way more fun to play with things you shouldn't than it is to play with toys!

AZ Hey-mon said...

That is what Elise thinks too. When Craig was home during Christmas he kept asking who made this mess? (usually Elise) I asked him why do you even ask anymore?

busy lil ones keep life interesting.

Colorado_Kid said...

I have some of those CDs! Funny sweet Acadia!