Saturday, January 19, 2008

Day 17

Well, this day has been hard from the get-go. I was near tears before I even had breakfast. Every little thing that was in any way connected to Dad made me weepy. I had to tell my self to 'pull yourself together, woman!' Since I know that I am going down to visit his gravesite in a few days, it seems like the emotion just builds up until I get down there. And every holiday (big or small) makes me sad. Ella has been asking questions like 'Did Jesus kill Grandpa?' or 'When is Grandpa going to come alive again?' Ok, I have to stop now....this is getting to me. But, I am thankful for my Dad and for the life he lived and the fantastic example that he set and for the amazing person he was.


Dragon said...

It must be catching. It has been 'one of those days.'

Colorado_Kid said...

It was catching...we could 'feel' him up at the cabin too.