Tuesday, January 15, 2008

DAy 13

Give a 4 year old a camera and you will be surprised at what she comes up with.
I let Ella take some pictures today with my point and shoot digital and when I looked over and saw this, I knew I had to hurry and take a picture of it before she saw me and didn't do it again. It just made me laugh to see her taking a picture of herself....talk about up close and personal! But I was impressed with some of the pictures she took. I am grateful for the creativity that runs through kids.


Colorado_Kid said...

That is priceless. Is that in your house? I like the bead-board or whatever it is.

Afreaka said...

Ha! That is so funny! Did the flash go off and blind her?

AZ Hey-mon said...

I love how she looks very serious about taking her picture. Talk about needing red eye reduction.